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Marina from Nipper & Co

Nipper & Co.

Meet Marina, the mum behind the scenes blending and perfecting the organic teas Happy Bumps, Mum's Milk and Sip 'n Snore.

As a new mum she found breastfeeding challenging. Luckily she has an MSc in Medicinal Plants so used her huge knowledge of herbs and natural remedies for help and thankfully brought to the UK market.

Bare Bones

Lara and Cameron are the makers of Bare Bones Chocolate...a micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company based in Glasgow.


They handcraft the chocolate themselves and their process honours the farmers, the cacao and the maker. They even created their packaging themselves which is sourced from inside the UK and EU and made from recycled paper coffee cups!


Lara is a food photographer and chef while Cameron is an ex Design Engineer.

Lara and Cameron from Bare Bones
Laura from Spritz Wellness

Spritz Wellness

Laura is a Canadian living between London and West Sussex. She's a trained yoga teacher and the founder of holistic company Spritz Wellness. She's the creator of the Bump Blend and Sleep Atmosphere Mists.


She says Spritz Wellness products comes from a combination of yoga, nature and the sea.

The Candle Brand

Christina is the mum behind the UK's fastest growing family run home fragrance business.

Christina has built the business to be unique, vegan friendly, eco conscious and 100% plastic free.

Her lavender and clary sage "Burn & Bloom" candle is in nearly every single one of our boxes!

Christina from Candle Brand
Nyree and Anisah from Mum Bub Hub

Mum Bub Hub

Nyree and Anisah are the two mums behind Mum Bub Hub. After becoming pregnant with their first babies they both felt extremely unprepared for the realities of giving birth and the aftercare.

Together they used their professional backgrounds to create a company that is dedicated solely to the unique needs of new mothers.

You can find their perineal oil and postpartum bath soaks in many of our mum-to-be and new mum boxes.

Panda & Bear

May is not only the mum behind Panda & Bear but also close friends of Baby Box Collective's founder, Samm!

Panda & Bear was born out of May's passion for sewing and creating combined with the need of cute, eco friendly baby accessories. 

May hand makes every crinkle teether found in many of our new baby boxes.

May from Panda & Bear
Danielle from Tres Paper Co.

Tres Paper Co.

Meet Danielle, designer and founder of Tres Paper Co. Danielle designs many of the cards that are included in our boxes.

TRÊS, which means three in Portuguese, is not only her favourite number, but also the number of things we are grateful for everyday. 

She says gratitude has hugely improved her life after going through life-changing events. Making Gratitude journals and paper goods that make us all smile is her biggest passion.

Myrtle & Maude

Matty and Jules are the husband and wife duo behind pregnancy wellbeing company Myrtle & Maude.

Both grew up intimately connected to the natural world around us. Jules' mother, a retired nurse, would always find natural remedies to cure our ailments.

Based in Yorkshire, their company is named after each of their Grandmothers. You can find their Queasy Days, Labour Day and Milk Flow organic teas in most of our pregnancy and postpartum boxes.

Matty and Jules from Myrtle & Maude
Samm from Baby Box Collective

Baby Box Collective

Oh hey, it's me Samm! I'm the founder and "gift box designer" here at Baby Box Collective.

You can read our full story here.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Rue & Cole

Founded by Jade in 2018, Rue & Cole has flourished into a skincare brand helping many like-minded mothers take care of their families skin.​

Jade spent years perfecting an essential product for all to benefit from. We love that this is a family run business where Jade's two little ones and partner get involved too!

You can find their "Sore Nips No More" organic, vegan leave-on nipple balm in many of our boxes for mum.

Jade from Rue & Cole
Cath from Sadler Jones

Sadler Jones

Meet Cath, the founder of Sadler Jones. She is an award winning designer with over 11 years in the greeting card and stationary business. 

Based in Barry, a small seaside town in Wales, she loves being minutes away from the beach and makes the most of it by taking dips in the sea before the work day begins.

Cath designs many of the cards included in all of our gift boxes.


Steph is a mama of two and Founder/Boss Lady of Montii which is an Australian based kids safe tableware company. 

The Montii Handbag Hero water bottle can be found in our breastfeeding box and is sourced from Eatwell, another women owned small business.

Steph from Montii
Lili from LSW London

LSW London

Lili is not only the Founder and creator of LSW London but also a Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

Knowing the importance of regularly repeating positive actions or habits daily, she took 45 of her favourite habits, tools and techniques and created a pack of affirmation cards.

Lili's Mind Cards -  New Mum Edition are part of our boxes.

Banks Lyon Botanical

Meet Georgina, the lovely face behind Banks Lyon Botanical. Growing up with sensitive skin, she struggled to find high street products that didn't contain harsh chemicals or preservatives... but she also wanted a spa-like pamper.

She and her husband Simon spent years creating the natural, organic, vegan range that is Banks Lyon Botanical.

aving kids of their own, they created the Mini Organics range which is safe from new born.

Georgina from Banks Lyon Botanical
Debbie from Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve

Debbie set up Tabitha Eve while juggling two small children (one of which is Tabitha!) while on mat leave. Tabitha Eve encourages people to buy local, ethically made products while making simple swaps from single use nasties.

Her reusable bamboo breast pads can be found in many of our postpartum gift boxes. 

Bloom Hypnobirthing

Charlotte is not only a qualified KG Hypnobirthing Instructor, running courses in Norwich, but also a busy mum to five children!

She works alongside women, supporting and enabling them to achieve the positive birth experience they deserve.

Charlotte designed the birth affirmation cards which can be found in our Hypnobirthing Box.

Charlotte from Bloom Hypnobirthing
Stephanie from Little Booth

Little Booth

Meet Stephanie and little baby Harry... the two faces behind Little Booth! Stephanie started sewing as a little girl and even had a dedicated sewing room in her house before converting it to a nursery.

During lockdown #1 Stephanie dusted off her sewing machine and Little Booth was born.

Stephanie's beautifully handmade gold speckled muslins can be found in the majority of our gift boxes for both mum and baby.


Everyone knows BIBS as babe's favourite all natural dummy made in Denmark.

BIBS dummies in the UK are distributed by Nibbling; a London based company owned by Emily who was born in Canada just like Samm, the creator of Baby Box Collective!

After having children, Emily combined her fashion education and experience with motherhood by creating stylish and safe teething toys and teething jewellery. 

Emily from Nibbling
Abigail from Sienna Designs

Sienna Design Co.

Abigail is the owner and creative designer behind Sienna Designs Co, named after her daughter, Sienna!

Abigail designs the beautiful (practical and safe) dummy clips as well as the luxurious goats hair baby brushes which make up part of many of our boxes. 

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