Baby Box Collective

The idea of Baby Box Collective was born shortly after I gave birth to our beautiful lockdown baby, Pippa, in the Summer of 2020. It took months to muster up the courage to bring the idea to life and an even longer time sourcing the gorgeous products that make up these boxes. 

I've always LOVED giving gifts, especially baby shower gifts...some may say I'm a bit OTT when it comes to baby shower gifts but being from Canada that's just how we do it! I would always spend so much time picking out the cutest little things for baby, then finding the perfect box or basket to present them in...often having to search many different shops and online stores to complete my vision. My mum always taught me to never forget the mum so my baby shower gifts would always include something for mum, usually bubble bath or something like that. 

Lockdown meant that I no longer was able to head to the shops to find all the items I was looking for. I wanted to create a service for those looking for the most perfect baby shower gift without leaving the comfort from their own home...or having to order from multiple sites and put together themselves. But it needed to be more than that. The importance of shopping small was huge over lockdown so I thought of the idea to only source these products from small businesses...then took it one step further by focusing only on women-ran small businesses. Most of these women are mums too!


In the process of researching and designing these baby shower boxes I started to think of bits to add for mum. But usual me, I wanted something bigger and better than just a bath bomb or similar to add to the boxes and decided to instead create a collection of gift boxes specifically for mums-to-be and new mums. This meant that not only did we have baby shower gifts to offer but also pregnancy announcement gifts, maternity leave gifts and gifts for postpartum.

When you have a baby you receive the most gracious (and copious amounts!) of gifts for your new bundle of joy. But often the mum is forgotten. As a new mum I would have much more appreciated a gift box filled with products to help me recover mentally and physically from childbirth or to help me along on my (short lived) breastfeeding journey. Not saying that the homemade lasagne doorstop deliveries weren't appreciated (and delicious)… but something made especially for ME and MY journey entering motherhood would have been so incredibly valuable and special to me. A gift I would have never forgotten about and would always be grateful for.

I have tried to make this luxury gift giving service as simple as possible. The boxes have been thoughtfully designed and put together by myself so you don't even have to think of what mum and baby want or where to find them. The boxes themselves are a beautiful white satin finish with a magnetic close...perfect for mum to recycle and keep as a keepsake box to fill with all of baby's firsts. Each box comes with a card of your choice saving you from popping out to the shops and searching for a pen in your car on the way to see the new baby and new mum. The card can be left blank for you to fill out yourself if delivering the box personally or, if sending your gracious gift straight to the lucky mum, we can handwrite your message in the card for you and ship straight to her. The prices also include tracked delivery to take that extra cost and worry off your hands. 

Holy, long post! Thanks for reading this far and thank you SO much for visiting our online shop. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.